Round 2 - Coaches' Reports

If a 6 goal to 2 opening term didn’t shut the door on this contest, a follow up 5 goals to 1 second quarter certainly did. Working back from an 8-goal deficit at half time was always going to be a challenge, however, similar to round 1, the Hawks managed to work their game out after the main break and win both of the last two quarters. 

It was Killarney Vale’s structure and physical presence around the ball that put them in the commanding position at the halfway mark. In his post-match comments, the Bombers’ coach spoke about their plan to spread and run the ball from behind the contest and make the ground ‘big’. Their execution was on point, and the Hawks defence was on the back foot from the outset. A lack of pressure through the midfield allowed the Bombers to pinpoint their forward targets, making the task for our backmen exceedingly difficult. 

With the late withdrawal of Matt Davies, who looked comfortable when moved into defence in round 1, Chad Mayo was sent to the familiar territory of the back line. Once he has his long sleeves back, Chad will feel his return to the club is complete! 

The shining light in the first half of the match was young Damien Haynes. Haynes was on loan to us for the week from the Sydney club that we’ve loaned him to for the year, as the Manly Wolves’ match against Camden was postponed due to COVID clusters in the Camden area. He followed up his BOG performance for Manly’s U19 last week with a BOG performance for the Hawks this week. Despite his small frame, he threw himself into the contest, bringing down much bigger opponents and showing some seasoned teammates how it was done. His sidestep and goal on the run later in the game was silky smooth. We hope to see far more of Damien in Hawks colours in the future. 

The magnets were moved at half time, and netted some results. Forwards Mick Ryan and Scott Pierce found themselves in the midfield for periods of time, and Marcus DeLeur shored up a backline that was previously under siege. Tim Keys and Reg Bowe worked well in tandem in the ruck. 

With a shortened season, finding connection between the line groups is imperative. The group looks forward to a challenge this weekend against a rested Bulldogs outfit with plenty to prove.

Killarney Vale6.1-3711.3-6912.8-8013.9-87
Goal Kickers: R. Bilkey 3, M. Ryan, I. Hughes, L. Price, C. Spoor
Best Players: I. Hughes, T. Keys, D. Robson, M. Vukovich, C. Mayo

For the second week in a row The Birds are at home , this week we take on Kilarney Vale. With the predicted rain staying away we are presented with a dry track , perfect conditions for footy. Unfortunately , the Bombers got the jump on us and went forward and kicked a goal in the first minute. We gave up another goal a short time later but The Birds fight back hard to stem the tide and Taylor Gregory hit the score board from our first forward entry. Despite the brave fight back we trail at the first break. 1/0/6 to 4/1/25.

The second quarter went much the same with the Bombers kicking three straight goals before we hit back through Jodi Rheinberger but the Bombers hit back and we trail at the main break. 2/2/14 to  8/4/52.

After the break we still had a bit of trouble with the Bombers speed and they score first again. Second gamer Clare Cummings hit back but the Bombers respond with two of their own to finish the quarter with a solid lead. As is often the case in footy the score doesn’t reflect the closeness of the contest . A spirited effort but still we trail. 3/2/20 to 12/8/80.

The easy option here would be to go through the motions , let the score run away a bit and look to next week. This group is made of much sterner stuff than that and finish the game with their best quarter. The fact we could match the Bombers through the last quarter says a lot about our team spirit and our fitness. We can take some genuine positives out of the game that’s for sure. A massive effort in the last and we finish strong , we must remember we were in this game for long periods and we can be proud of that.

Final score 3/5/23 to 12/9/87.

Killarney Vale4.1-258.4-5212.8-8013.9-87
Goal Kickers: C. Cummings, J. Rheinberger , T. Gregory
Best Players: D. Spamer, M. Coram-Parker, C. Cummings, K. Elson, E. Hieke, J. Rheinberger

Another dewy morning presented itself for the Ressies boys playing host to a strong Killarney Vale outfit. As opposed to the previous week, we knew that this would be a tough contest, but also a great opportunity to test ourselves against the best. 

The first quarter began with it being tight in the middle with no easy clearances. A wrestle of momentum which saw Killarney Vale have their chances but the pressure was good enough from our boys to force only behinds. The Ressies boys the quickly turned defense into attack, which resulted in a Brendan Wold goal. 

At the start of the second, a quick Bombers goal had the game back on even terms. First gamer Joely Campbell asserted himself across half back with some strong body work and he was well accompanied by returning veteran Liam Gibson. The Hawks were able to capitalize on their good work and kick the next 2 to go into halftime with an 11 point advantage. 

Knowing Killarney Vale weren’t going away, a positional change saw Gibson start on ball and Jared Campbell marshaling the Tripp’s across half back. This quickly paid dividends as the boys went on the kick the next 4 in a row with Wold bagging his second and Tommy Williams kicking his first for the season. As the boys fitness started the shine through, the boys managed to keep the Bombers to a single point in the third quarter, thanks largely to a massive effort from the back six, who were led by our skipper for the day and always reliable, Hamish Thomson. 

Starting the last quarter KV kicked another quick goal but the momentum shifted back our way, with their composure and superior skills. Dave Graan was excellent across the half forward line with his poise being a key factor in the win. Dean Janson kicked his first goal of the season in another dominant ruck display that will surely have first grade intrigued. 

Looking forward to another huge contest this weekend against a Warner’s Bay Bulldogs side who have no doubt marked this one in their calendars. 

Go Hawks!

Killarney Vale0.4-41.5-111.6-122.7-19

Goal Kickers: B. Wold 4, D. Graan 2, C. Buchan, D. Janson, T. Williams
Best Players: J. Campbell, J. Campbell, R. Dintino, J. Martin, H. Thomson, J. Drabsch


This week the 13 Girls took on the Warners Bay Bulldogs.

A fiercely competitive opening quarter in pouring rain that the Bulldogs dominated territory with the ball stuck inside their forward fifty for majority of the quarter. Our girls did extremely well to hold up under such extreme pressure.

During the second quarter the game opened up as the rain eased and we were able play some footy inside our fwd 50. The girls toiled hard for not much reward but they were playing some good tough footy. No one could question their commitment and desire for the footy.

The third quarter was again a tough slog as the rain got heavier and with fatigue starting to set in. The Bulldogs again dominated territorial advantage inside their 50. Our Cardiff girls dug deep and fought tooth and nail with some great desperation and team work. It was great to see that all the girls were putting their heads over the footy and prepared to get in there and get dirty.

Finally the rain stopped for the last quarter and our girls were starting to gain ascendency all over the ground with our running and sharing of the ball. We got the margin back to 4 points with about 4 min to play. Unfortunately Warners Bay put everyone behind the ball into our fwd 50 and although we kicked a couple of points we just couldn’t get that goal to put us in front. Warners bay kicked a late goal to make the difference 8 points.

Warners Bay U13 YG0.1-12.2-143.4-224.5-29
Cardiff U13 YG0.01.0-61.0-63.3-21

Goals Kickers: Emmerson, Tameka, Lily

Best Players: Tameka, Lily, Amber

The Under 13’s (Swans Division) bounced back from a loss in Round One to score a, come from behind, victory against the Singleton Roosters in extremely wet, cold conditions.

With the ground looking more like Lake Macquarie than a footy oval, the Roosters shot off to a quick goal in the opening minutes.

Cardiff hit back with a goal just minutes later with some tough clearances from the Manning Boys in defence and fine ball movement from the rotating Midfielders

From that point scores were hard to come by with both sides locked in a very physical battle, Cardiff coming out at half time with a very small lead.

Singleton hit the accelerator in the Third quarter, with Cardiff lucky to be only 10 points down at the final change. To make matters worse Max had to leave the field with bad knee soreness and Taj B was carried off with a heel injury.

The team showed true grit in the last quarter to grind its way back with the Midfield of Max, Marshall, Taj R and Austin creating an impenetrable wall across the middle. Cardiff hit the front with four and a half minutes to spare after a beautiful checkside goal from Blake in the pocket.

The team held out and went on to win 24 – 21.

Singleton – 3.3 – 21

Cardiff – 3.6 -24