Round 15 vs Singleton – Coaches’ Report

1st Grade

As the dust settled after reserve grade delivered another smashing to the Roster’s twos we prepared for our Round 15 battle against a depleted Singleton.


We started off with our leader Simon O’Brien kicking the first goal of the game in the first few seconds and you could tell we were on.  We kicked 8 goals in the first, 15 by half time and 28 goals by the end of the game in a clinical execution of dominance football.

Jack Lennon continued his impressive form kicking 5 snags for the game and has firmed as the best versatile player in the league. Big fella Tom Yensch is back to his brilliant  2017 form and feed the midfield the ball on an absolute platter. Our midfield and forward line connected the best for the year and this was due to Tom being so dominant a veracious midfield and the forwards giving the mids some serious targets.  Trent Thompson also played a super game on the wing and is getting into consistent form.  Jack Pratt and Nick Thomlinson played a solid game in defence and Liam Gibson received the Coaches Award for his aggressive rebound attack from the backline.  Zac Metcalfe was given an opportunity to see what it’s like up forward with Zac returning the favour kicking 4 goals in the third in a beautiful display of forward brilliance.


Lachlan Price fresh from his Under 17’s representative best in Carnival performance was the bravest player out there on the weekend. Lachlan had not long been back from sustaining a major concussion which he occurred when we played against this mob last time we played. I can only imagine Lachlan’s  nerves he would have felt when lining up against Singleton once again on Saturday. But in true leadership character Lachlan stole the show kicked 4 goals and on many occasions made the Roster’s defenders look bamboozled. To be honest the Rosters defence had no idea what Lachlan was doing once the little jet was in possession of the ball.




Cardiff 28. 24 – 192

Singleton 3. 1 – 19


Goal kickers

  1. Lennon 5, Z. Metcalfe 5, L. Price 4, S. O’Brien 3, C. Jones 3, L. Borrow 2, T. Thompson 2, T. Gordon,  C. Mayo, B Graetz, T. Yensch.


Best players:

  1. Lennon, T. Yensch, T. Thompson, J. Pratt, L. Price, Z. Metcalfe.



This week we venture out to Maitland and need all the support we can get against these arch rivals as we all know what they are going to bring. So take a small drive, come and support our boys as we will play our brand of football and prepare for our finals campaign.


See you all at the footy.




Reserve Grade


This week we saw a Singleton Rooster’s outfit, which was short in numbers and height, visit The Nest. We welcomed back Lachy Carey into the side after an extended period on the sideline due to an injury.


Fielding only 14 players, Singleton who were well down on the ladder were no match for a fast starting Hawks outfit, with the first goal of the day coming after less than a minute.  The quarter continued on the same trajectory with our new found gun ruckman making easy work of his counterpart and our midfield dominating to deliver clean ball to our forwards. The end of the 1st quarter saw us take a healthy 64-0 lead, with Clint and TC both kicking multiple goals.


The 2nd quarter was much of the same with Dubbo feeding balls straight into the hands of his mids. By this stage, Singleton had given up and dropped their entire side to the back half, however with Spoor selling so much candy, he was constantly free to take his time and hit our forward targets. Unfortunately, we began to chase the goals a bit and started to spray a few a goals leading to our boys kicking 8.8 for the quarter.


The 3rd quarter saw several position changes to address the 10 defenders that Singleton had in their backs. A change up in the ruck too due to an injury to Dubbo gave Clint, TC and Edser a chance to show him what long term ruckman could do. We continued to dominate, but as boredom and lack or urgency seemed to set in across the group, we stopped delivering the ball as well into our forward 50, allow them to get some cheap kicks out of their backs. Again this quarter some bad sprays at goal resulted in our boys kicking 6.9 for the quarter and taking a 163-0 leading into the final break.


With most of the team on the score sheet at this point, we moved all those that hadn’t into the forwards. Several players who normally are found defending our goals were instead found peppering the Singleton goals, with Lachy and Irish both kicking 2 for the quarter. In an impressive display, the boys didn’t slow down their assault on goals, kicking 8.6 for the quarter.


Final Score:

Cardiff                  10.4-64     18.10-118        24.19-163             32.25-217

Singleton             0.0                 0.0                     0.0                       0.0


Goal Kickers: 

C. James 5, A. Wivell 4, T. Cameron 2, J. O”Regan 2, T. Machart 2, R. Bowe 2, L. Carey 2, I. Hughes 2, M. Erich 2, T. Edser, C. Spoor, J. Ryan, T. Lashlie, R. Steadman, T. Williams, C. Jones, M. Cooke, P. Bleus

Best Players: 

C. Spoor, C. James, L. Griffiths, R. Bowe, L. Carey, A. Risby


Coaches Award

Cal Spoor