Round 11 Coaches Report

1st Grade

Well, last week was a tough test against Wyong at the nest.  With Matt Vukovich playing his 100th game for the club we were really looking forward to playing the Magpies for the first time this year.

We started out really impressive but the decision to do a 6 kilometer road run followed by an hour session in the mud on Thursday night started to take its toll. We seriously struggled against Wyong for three quarters until it opened up in the last and we won by 10 goals. Best players were Jake Ireland and Zac Metcalfe in the backline. In the midfield, Marcus Deluer was outstanding in the ruck and on ball. Matt Vukovich played his best game for the year and received the coaches award. Matt’s impressive game confirmed why he is one of the best midfielders in the league and was fitting in Matt’s 100th game. Bryce Graetz was again fantastic in his endeavour throughout the day. Up forward Jack Lennon was one of best on ground kicking 6 majors and caused the Magpies backline grief throughout the entire game. Josh Murphy kicked 4 goals in another solid effort.

This week we play Newcastle City at No1. I seriously can’t wait for this game. The boys are really excited and we know City will be up for the contest. I  guarantee City will have a big supporting crowd so I encourage all our supporters to come and support the Hawks on Saturday at Sports Ground No1 at 3pm. I assure you our boys are absolutely ready to play such a big game for our club.

See you all at the footy,

Final Score

Cardiff 17. 19 – 121

Wyong 9.5 – 59

Goal Kickers.

J.Lennon 6, J. Murphy 4, M DeLeur 2, B Job, N Tomlinson, T Yensch, I Hughes, T Machart.

Best players,

M DeLeur, M Vukovich, J Ireland, J Lennon, C Mayo, L Gibson.





This week the birds took on an experienced Wyong Lakes side in the battle of the birds at The Nest. Wyong have been up and down this year but have beaten some quality teams. We knew it was going to be a physical game but as always the birds were up for it. Cookey couldn’t keep still and knew we had a ‘sniff’ as he says. He was more about and about than the Swans were in the 2016 Grand Final.

It was a soggy nest but we could see it wouldn’t affect the game too much in the end.

From the first bounce, it was a game of pressure footy. Kicks were long, handballs were short and tackles were hard. The pressure showed as no goals were kicked in the 1st quarter. Credit to all our players putting their bodies on the line in desperate attempts to win the footy. So much so we, unfortunately, lost Nikki Stinson one of our top midfielders to a head knock early in the 1st quarter. Nikki is doing ok and as they say.. ‘You can’t knock the Parkes out of the girl’, so she will be back harder and feistier than ever.

The 2nd quarter was the same with more pressure building as both teams wanted that first goal. It became a real mental battle. At the 13 minute mark, we worked the ball into the forwards who linked up beautifully. Once again Tom Papley, I mean Ellen Anderson scored the first goal on a huge angle. Isaac Heeney would have been so proud. That was the breakthrough we had worked so hard for, however, a late goal to Wyong one minute before halftime brought the game back to a level playing field.  At this point, the birds were two down on the bench with Faith Lewis injuring herself. Amy Charlton (2018 Man O Mania Champion) filled the fullback position. With not a lot of experience in the backline, she took it on and nailed it just like her performances on Saturday night. Although Beyonce will be back better than ever next year…

The 3rd quarter saw 2 consecutive goals to Wyong. At this point, the birds could have given up and let the game completely go from our grasp. But that is not what this team does. Again the toughness of the backline to keep taking down those Wyong forwards and the run from our mids including an absolutely amazing game from Ellise Roper. Her hands were as solid as ever taking overhead marks and running it down the sloshy wing like it was not a worry. A goal to Min Bailey later in the quarter saw all this hard work pay off heading into the last quarter just 9 points down.


The last quarter was a pure battle of physical and mental toughness. The birds continued to be tackling machines. Allie Mcrae had a standout game showing that she can tackle as good as anyone. You could say she probably taught her brother-in-law AKA Buzz Lightyear.

Wyong scored two last quarter goals stretching the margin just beyond our reach. Eloise was courageous in the backline taking plenty of marks and did an awesome job kicking the ball out.

Nicola Walker and Taylah Wilks continued their consistent games along with our ever reliable ruckman Claudia Russell and Tayla Grazules. These two girls especially have improved their attacking and tackling game out of sight and are playing like some of the best out there. Brodie Grundy just to name one.


This game was one of the best four-quarter efforts the birds have played. It is great hearing some of the compliments from First and Reserve grade players as to how much our team has improved over not even three months of playing together. Credit to our coaches Cookey and Yowie for teaching the game to so many new players but at the same time keeping the birds up and about and loving their footy. So in the wise words of our coaches, “Own the muff” and “We’ve got a sniff”… Bring on the arch-rival Newcastle City next weekend.

Yeah the birds.

Final Score:

Cardiff 2 0 12

Wyong 5 6 36

Goal Kickers: E. Anderson, M. Bailey
Best Players: N. Walker, T. Wilks, S. Vukovich, E. Petersen, E. Roper, A. McRa

Coach’s award: Taylah Wilks



Reserve Grade

The Ressies took on Wyong Magpies at home this week in Cookies 100th game for the club.

The one sided affair saw our boys get out to a 60-0 lead at the first quarter break. Ryno, on his way to kicking his 800th recorded goal for the club, started out by kicking 5 for the quarter. A dominating display across the mids and half back line ensured the footy was flying into the forwards consistently throughout the quarter and continued for the game.

During the 2nd quarter, Cookie playing his 100th game for the club, take a quality mark following a great lead, before slotting a goal home. The boys in the mids and backs continued to dominate throughout the quarter, holding Wyong scoreless for the half. We went into the long break leading 110-0.

The 3rd quarter saw much of the same, with us finishing the quarter in front 153-6. Ball movement into our forward 50 continued to impress the forwards and coaching staff.

For the 3rd game in a row, the boys dominated for much of the game and showed great discipline, running out the game 195-6.

Congratulations again to Mick Ryan for kicking his 800th recorded goal for the club and Mick Cooke on his 100th game for the club.


Final Score

Cardiff – 29.21-195

Wyong Lakes – 1.0-6


Goal Kickers: M. Ryan 14, C. Jones 6, C. Buchan 3, T. Gordon 2, T. Williams, R. Bowe, T. Cameron, M. Cooke
Best Players: M. Ryan, C. Spoor, T. Cameron, C. Jones, S. Hawthorne, T. Edse