Coach’s Report – Ladies Gala Day

This week we head to Teralba for ladies round against the Muswellbrook Cats. This is an important game for us as we still have a chance of a finals spot.

The cats may be down the ladder a bit but they always bring a physical game, and so they did.

A nice hit out to Tayla G and a clearance to Arizona and the birds are away. After shaking off the Cats early pressure we repeatedly went inside 50. A bit of wayward kicking saw the birds lead 2 -9-21 to zero at the first break. It was a dominant start.

The second quarter went much the same way. Even when the Cats did go forward they were no match for our back 6 lead by Matisse with Eloise, Alex, Nicola W, Katie and Kelly all contributing. We wanted to start generating a bit of run from set kicks to up the tempo a bit, wanted the girls to run off for a hand pass rather than taking the kick all the time. It was really pleasing to see this and now we can see the benefit of quick ball movement, we will start doing this more and more. Another strong quarter 6-15 -51 to 0-1-1.


Despite the lopsided score the Cats didn’t give in and we had to work hard for what we got in the third term. With Sam K putting her body on the line, blocking for her teammates to provide space we continue to keep the score ticking along. There were some massive efforts in the middle with our rucks providing first use time after time, this kept our mids busy with Mollie, Arizona, Nikki and of course Taylah W all major contributors in the game. 10-17-77 to 0-1-1.

The final term we kept plugging away but found it a bit hard to score as the Cats played extra players in defence clogging up space. However, we still managed another 6 shots on goal giving us 3 goals for the quarter. It was Faiths best game for a while with a bag of 5 and the rest of the forwards all played a role in most of our goals. There were some massive efforts on the weekend and contributors across the board, a real team effort. We finish with the score 13-20-98 to 0-1-1 Goals to Faith 5, Nicola B 2 and Eloise, Mollie, Sam K, Arizona and Eva all kicking 1 each.


Cooky and Yowie