Coaches Report – Round 9 vs Gosford

Round 9 presented itself with an unusual and ‘un-Australian’ game (as it took place on the long weekend) against Gosford, with a number of ‘big name’ players out for the weekend, Price, Ireland, and Nicholson. Nath labeled it as a danger game for the team. But having brought in ‘bigger name’ players into the team, Risby, Esder, Ryan, Lashie, and Hawthorne, we definitely had the team to get the job done.
JR was in for his first senior game for the club at the ripe age of 40+ and along with Risby, they showed the regular defenders how it was done back there, starting the game as if they had been playing all year long. Rat got the scoreboard rolling with a quick snap from the pack early in the 1st quarter and we never looked back. Tony again proved why he’s the best tap ruckman in the club giving the mids consistent first use throughout the game.
The only major blemish for the game came in the 2nd quarter with Nath and Chad having a secret kick out plan, forgetting to let the rest of the team know the plan was the problem. Needless to say, the kick out didn’t go to plan and Gosford scored their only goal for the game.

Our forward line worked as well as ever, with Nelson and Murphy presenting hard all game. Returning from injury Trent made the most of the open forward line kicking 3 goals in the 3rd quarter. Walker also reinforced why he’s the main target deep in our forward line, taking a number of solid grabs. Scott ‘muscle for hire’ Hawthorne paired up with Vuko, brought the physicality in the midfield, while Rat continued on his unstoppable way.

With Doc ‘local manager of the silk factory’ out of the team, Zachariah Metcalfe put his hand up and filled the position. Zac cut off a number of Gosford’s attacks and was at his rebounding best. He even got lost on a relatively small ground, finding himself in the forward line slotting a goal. Zac deservingly picked up the coaches best for the day.
On a dark day weather-wise, it was a bright day for the Hawks. This proves the depth that the club has and the consistent improvement of our young juniors stepping up on the field and at the Duke later that night.
Id also like to congratulate Tony and his Partner Mel on the arrival of their son Charlie, and Tony for having his 3rd ‘head wetting’ in a week.

Bryce Graetz