Coaches Report – Round 8

1st Grade vs Singleton

Research has shown that footy is 73.94% more fun in the wet. And as the rain drizzled from the sky, the temperature dropped and clouds cast grey shadows over the field, all expat Victorians were at half-mast. Jack Lennon complained, (he’s a surfer by the way) however due to the fact that he continuously arrives at the game in the incorrect attire, he will no longer be spoken about and his goals will be distributed to deserving backmen for the work that they do.

Doc finished his 72-hour preparation to ensure every single muscle fibre was in full operation and we were off. Off like a fish milkshake in fact, kicking the first goal within 15 seconds! Despite this, the first quarter and the remainder of the day proved an arm wrestle as the concept of moisture on the ball baffled both teams. Numbers at the contest were paramount to winning loose balls but no fear when you have prime aerobic specimens such as Miles ‘Meters’ Petersen, Lucas ‘Happy Socks’ Borrow and Toby ‘the real doc’ Machart spinning their legs like a dunny door at your local Indian restaurant. Along with the dash and excitement that is created out of the backline, the forwards were being fed like Yensch in his off-season (a lot).

Someone wise once said there are two kinds of people in this world; backmen and those that wish they were backmen. That person was the General, Zac Metcalfe, who once again reliably delivered a stellar performance. It brings a tear to my eye to see the father son resemblances between Liam Gibson and Jake Ireland. Jake has improved exponentially as the season has progressed and now attacks packs and balls like Spitz attacks goal posts, hard! After months and months of hand therapy with Sheree Vukovich, Chad Mayo finally figured out how to unravel his hand from a fist. This paid dividends as Chad took numerous marks, which may not seem much, but this is an enormous achievement for him! Meanwhile Dave O’Donnell’s opponent must have had extraordinary BO because I don’t think Dave had been spotted within a 2-metre radius of him in the first half.

I was pleased to see Josh Murphy continue to lead hard at the ball, fly high in contests and turn his back to handballs. Josh’s preseason and persistent effort and intensity at training have been reflected in his form as he attacks the ball like Spoory attacks the Jesmond Hotel dance floor after three pear Somersby ciders. The classy operators in Brown and Price were just majestic in their disposal, even in the wet. They are so smooth that you honestly would want one of them to marry your daughter.

These collective efforts saw us enter the main break with a 39-point lead. Bryce, the most in form midfielder in the competition, set the tone in the third, tackling with the ferocity that Yensch displays in his approach to a 12 pack of cinnamon doughnuts. A pair of bulls were running rampant on the field and the umpires lifted the whistle to their lips to stop the game. Although on closer inspection, they were wearing Cardiff jumpers and were later identified to be Hugh O’Neil and Matt Vukovich. Both were instrumental in the game, swallowing hardballs like Yensch swallows meatballs.

Unfortunately, the third quarter was marred by an incident that necessitated Lachlan Price to head to hospital. Pricey is an incredible footballer; an even better man and an embodiment of what the Cardiff Hawks are about. I speak on behalf of the Cardiff community in wishing you a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see you back out kicking bags like the superstar you are.

The third quarter also exhibited a Singleton player attempting an amateur tooth extraction. My head was his instrument of choice and I am happy to report a successful operation. Shortly after, I had to go visit the hospital for a few stitches. The game proceeded, which I cannot comment on but we cruised through to our eighth win from eight starts. This provides us with a great position heading to the second half of the season although the challenge is to not become complacent but rather to maintain the exceptional brand of football we have showcased.

It wasn’t all bad for me by the way, I got a zinger box after exiting the hospital. Needless to say, so did Yensch.


Marcus de Leur


Reserve Grade vs The Entrance Bateau Bay

Round 8 saw us travel away to take on The Entrance Bateau Bay with a team that was heavily understrength. The positive of this was the depth that we have this season with being able to field an entire side even though 20 odd blokes were out and no juniors played up.

We knew it was going to be another hard game and the windy and wet conditions did not help. With key midfielders out and several players carrying injuries, it was a good opportunity for others to step up.

The game had a fiery start to it, which saw Steamer kick 2 goals and Chop kicking a goal with his first touch in 4 years, seeing the Hawks leading 21-6 at quarter time. Play was heavily contested around the ground due to the conditions, but our midfield and back utilised the wind and kept the ball in our forward half for most of the quarter.

The second quarter saw The Blues use the wind behind them to fight back kicking 2 goals and closing the gap at the main break to just 2 points, 22-20. Steamer starting the back off the square supported our backs to repeal the constant inside 50s. Keeping the opposition to just two goals was a great effort from the backs.

After the break, both teams came out more composed and a better quality of footy was played in the 3rd quarter. Johnny Irish dominated across the half back line, with countless intercept marks and delivering the ball to the forwards. Clint and Matty controlled the ruck while Spoory sold more candy than the Newcastle Show.  Hawks went into the final break leading by 18.

The last quarter was a challenge for the boys and really showed their character. With the Perko, Lash and CJ all limited due to injury and Steamer having to leave, the rest of the team had to dig deep to hold out the Blues who had the wind behind them.  The Blues came out hard and had to utilise their speed to run and carry up the ground, as they were not able to hit any targets cleanly due to our tight defense. Some wayward kicking and selfish plays from the Blues hurt them in the final quarter with them having several opportunities to take the lead. Some great defensive efforts by Dean saw 2 critical tackles laid and stopped them from running away with the game. A hard fought game saw us come away 51-38 winners.

Thanks to Pete Risby for running the bench and congratulations to Tony and Mel who welcomed Charlie (another ruckman) into the club on Saturday morning.

Next week is another bye for us but will provide several of the boys a great opportunity to plays 1s against Gosford.


Goal Kickers: C. Jones 2, C. Buchan, C. Spoor, C. Jones, T. Lashlie, A. Wivell
Best Players: J. O’Regan, P. Bleus, T. Lashlie, J. Ryan, A. Wivell

Final Score  Cardiff (7.9-51) defeated The Entrance Bateau Bay (5.8-38)

Player’s Player: J. O’Regan

Coaches Award: J. O’Regan


Lady Hawks vs The Entrance Bateau Bay

This week the birds once again flew the nest down the M1 , this time to take on Bateau Bay.
In terrible conditions, we started ok but B/Bay were looking to bounce back after a bad loss the week before.

It took a while to settle in the windy conditions but when we did we started to take a bit of control. Taylah Wilkes was leading the way for the mids with Bri and Arizona also having great input. Up forward Emma was doing well and is starting to grow in confidence. We take a small lead into the first break.

We were playing ok at this point although, we were over-committing to the contest a bit and waisting a few opportunities to win clearances. This is happening less and less and we will be a much better team as this trend continues. At the back, Ellise was having her usual solid performance as well as Shez and Nicola W who make an excellent half back line. Faith was solid at the fullback with Grace chipping in with some good stuff also. It was great to see Deb out there contributing and getting up the ground, looping around the back of contests and getting us deep inside fifty.

We extend our lead at the main break. We continue to keep the scoreboard ticking over in the third and, with Claudia and Tayla G starting to dominate Ellen was gathering Possessions everywhere and also showing a good defensive mindset. Our lead builds at the final change.

In the last quarter, we made a lot of changes trying to keep players in the game and, therefore, a bit warm in the cold windy conditions. This saw Faith move forward and kick three goals. It was a good win in the end in trying conditions and now we get a little break and rest some sore bodies so we can get to the back half of the season in great shape and with a bit of confidence.

Coaches award went to Taylah Wilkes.

Goal kickers were, Taylah W 4 , Faith 3 , Claudia 2 , Mollie 2 , Emma and Min kicked 1 each.

Cooks and Yowie.