Coaches Report – Round 4 vs Nelson Bay

First Grade Coaches Report

Our Round 4 encounter was against the always competitive Nelson Bay. Back at the Nest we always are hard to beat due to the lush green fields at Hillsborough Oval and the ability to play on this small ground. The ground is in the best nick that I have ever seen but you still know that this grou

nd has no give when the bodies hit the deck.

Missing a few of big names Tom Yensch, Nick Thomlinson and Brandt Job we brought back into the side some experience and toughness with Scott Hawthorne, Tom Gordon and Trent Thompson.

With many of Nelson Bay’s players missing due to attending a Music Festival we still knew that they would put up significant fight and the first half was defiantly that. Jack Pratt was super in defence playing that spare and link up player as well as Liam Gibson and Zac Metcalfe who was back to his true key defender rebounding form. Through the middle Andrew Walker was up against one of the League’s best tap ruckman and Andrew was outstanding in his endeavour and was able to nullify the Marlins best player. Up forward was in form Jack Lennon, Jack kicked a couple early but his best efforts were his ability to play a power forward role and hit the pack hard bringing the ball to the ground for the small forwards Lachlan Price and Lucas Borrows to crumb and kick goals which they both had two by half time.


The second half we took complete control of the game and ran way winners by 68 points.  Even though Nelson Bay put many players behind the ball to slow down our scoring. Once we moved the ball more efficiently our goals soon pilled on the score board. Josh Murphy took a few solid contested marks and kicked three for the day and small forward Lachlan Price also kicked 3. Jack Lennon finished with three and was arguably best on ground but that honour went to Andrew Walker for his outstanding game in the ruck.

The defence was again our drive forward lead by Zac, Jack and Liam. Jake Ireland was also impressive and played his best game for the club off the half back line. This backline and leadership has to be the best going around and when Thomlinson returns there isn’t a forward line able to break through this defence with any ease.


In the middle Marcus Deleur and Simon O’Brien were solid and competed all day even though both were carrying slight injuries throughout the game.

On both wings new recruit Isaac Hughes played a solid game and showed his ability to find the ball and Trent Thompson was again super impressive. Trent is arguably in the best form in the League and again had a fine game. Trent kicked two goals for the game but most impressively nearly breaking a Marlin’s player’s ankle when he attempted to tackle Trent on the far wing in the last quarter. That was my highlight of the day…


Goal kickers: Lennon 3, L. Price 3, J. Murphy 3, T. Thompson, L. Borrow 2, H. O’Neil, N. Brown.

Best Players: Lennon, J. Pratt, A. Walker, S, O’Brien, M. Deleur, L. Price, Z. Metcalfe.

Coaches Best Award: Walker



Lady Hawks

Coaches Report

The birds were back at the nest this week against the red hot Nelson Bay. A couple of injuries and a bit of groovin the moo meant a stack of outs. We still however had a pretty strong side. We were competitive early on but it wouldnt be long before we knew that we had an extremely competitive game on our hands.


We were going ok in the ruck with Claudia and Tayla G competitive but we wernt winning the clearances and found ourselves on the back foot a bit early on. Typically, we kept fighting hard and an early shot hitting the post saw us go in a couple down at the first break. Once again we were trying hard but, we were falling off a few tackles which up till now has been a feature of our games. This enabled the Marlins to get there running game going and put our defence under a bit more pressure.


The second half began much the same as the first with a lot of effort but the Marlins were a bit cleaner with the ball. In the last quarter we were still trying but some loose defence around the stoppages and the Marlins with their tails up saw the the ball going forward a bit too easily at times and the scoreboard started to reflect this.

There were some good performances for us though with Alex, Nikki , Ellen and Abbey and Taylah W toiling away.

Coaches Best with a real captains knock was Shez!


Sara Gilbert kicking the goal

See you all next week


Reserve Grade Coaches Report

We hosted a depleted Nelson Bay Marlins at home. The day started off with bucketing down rain before turning into a great day at The Nest.

We welcomed into the side, Woldy and Zac, for their first games of the season and both finished with goals to their name.


Nelson Bay started with 15 on the park and we started strongly, taking full advantage of their lack of numbers, kicking 5 goals for the quarter.
The Marlins were quickly down to 14 after some great forward pressure saw one of their players out for the rest of the game.

The Marlins started the 2nd quarter a bit stronger and ensured that our boys didn’t take the game too lightly. Some good performances around the ground saw our structures improving from previous weeks, especially around stoppages.
Cardiff went into the half time break with a 7 goal lead.

During the 2nd half,the boys put their foots down, kicking 6.3 for both quarters. They didn’t get too carried away with the training run of a game, maintaining defensive pressure around the ground, keeping the Marlins to only 3 behinds for the whole 2nd half.

The game was played and won very much in our mids and forwards but the backs were a little more involved this week than last, with some great rebound plays coming from our back thrown into the mix anytime Nelson Bay managed to move the ball up the ground.

Up forward Jesse was all over the paddock, picking up the RAMS Home Loan Coaches Award while, Ryno bagged 7 and took the lead on the goal kicking ladder with a season total of 22 from just 4 games

Cardiff 5.5 | 10.9 | 16.12 | 22.15 – 147
Nelson Bay 1.2 | 4.2 | 4.4 | 4.5 – 29

Goal Kickers: M. Ryan 7, D. Rowett 3, T. Lashlie 2, J. Coombe 2, T. Edser 2, B. Wold 2, M. Campbell, J. O”Regan, R. Bowe, Z. Moore

Coaches Award: Jesse Coombe