Cardiff appeal to AFL NSW/ACT


Subsequent to recent inaccurate social media postings and press articles your committee thought it necessary to outline the facts of the recent AFL appeal.

The AFL NSW/ACT Appeals Board decided to uphold the appeal in part. The appeal was not dismissed as has been reported.

Whilst not a full judgement in our clubs favour we feel as though we have achieved what we set out to do; that is to ensure that our case has been heard; and that we hold the BDAFL to account on issues and decisions that we feel are an “unreasonable” impact on our club.

In summary:

  • The Appeals Board found apprehended bias in the BDAFL’s initial decision to impose a points cap of 38 points on Cardiff AFC.
  • The BDAFL Board failed to undertake proper consideration of the AFL NSW/ ACT recommendation that Cardiff’s points cap be 40 points.
  • The Appeals Board ordered the league to reconsider, within 7 days, the recommendation by AFL NSW/ACT that Cardiff’s points cap be 40 points.
  • To ensure impartiality, the Appeals Board further stated the league must carry out that reconsideration without the involvement or presence of any person who attended at the hearing of this appeal or anyone who holds a position on the board of any club competing in the Hunter Haval Black Diamond Cup.

We as a club are very disappointed by the BDAFL response and by the inaction of the AFL Appeals Board to adjudicate any further on this matter. Whilst the reconsideration by the BDAFL was superficial and showed no analysis or direct response in relation to the points made in the AFL recommendation, it appears the matter is now closed.

We should not be deterred as a club, nor distracted by this disingenuous response from the league. There is much to play out over the coming months between the BDAFL and AFL NSW/ACT.

As always you may see press articles and social media posts on the topic so we would ask you to not comment but continue to enjoy your footy.